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Getting Ready for your Wedding with a Boudoir Shoot


In the time of Covid where micro weddings and elopements are more popular than ever, one thing that many brides have had to sacrifice is their “getting ready” pictures. You know the ones- sipping on champagne with the bridal party, getting your makeup done while in your silk robe and so on. These are all wonderful memories that every bride gets to cherish for years to come, all those moments with her best friends having some “girl time” before the wedding. But times have changed and with them so must we. 

A great alternative to those getting ready photos is to have a boudoir shoot. 

Boudoir photography is a sensual and tasteful way to celebrate your femininity and to pose with your lingerie and wedding robes with a luxurious background. Not to mention it is empowering and will help you see your own beauty and sexiness. It also makes an amazing gift for your partner that you can keep for all the years to come. 

It should also be mentioned that boudoir shoots are no longer just for the brides! Some grooms have started jumping on this bandwagon, and we have even seen some couple shoots done as well!

So sure, you may not have pictures of your bridal party because of your elopement or micro wedding, but at least you have a great gift for your partner and memento for yourself.