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So many people dream of getting married in Greece, whether it’s because they visited once and fell in love, or they are history buffs or love mythology or even just because they saw Mama Mia once and the idea stuck! Whatever your reason is, you said “yes” to the proposal and finally your dream of getting married in Greece can come to pass- the question however is where in Greece should you have your dream wedding?  

Bad news? You have 277 inhabited islands to pick from (and I won’t even mention that there are 6,000 islands in total because good luck!) Good news? Crete is one of those 277 islands and it should be your number one choice. 

Why Crete?

The Climate

Crete is Greece’s largest island and is at the southern end of Greece which means that the climate will always be hotter than the rest of the country. There are more sunny days throughout the year than cloudy and rainy ones, but the summer season, which starts roughly around the end of April, is especially dry and warm. 

The Scenery

Since Crete is so large, there is an immense difference in the scenery throughout the whole island. Only on Crete will you be able to see snowy mountains while standing on a sandy beach. There are waterfalls and lakes and gorges galore and a venue to meet every taste. You can have your wedding in the mountains or on the beach, by a port or a lake, even in an abandoned monastery with stunning architecture overlooking the crystal blue waters. The backdrop will always be perfect no matter where you go.

The Food

Crete is renowned for its cuisine not just around Greece but around the world as well! The flavors are incredible and all the products used are fresh and local. Fun fact, the island of Crete is the only part of Greece that could be self-sustained! 

The Possibilities 

Besides renting a car and visiting all the cities, villages and famous beaches that are definitely a must-see, there are so many other things to do and see as well! Rent a private yacht and sail to a deserted island, go horseback riding on the beach, hike through a gorge- the possibilities are endless! You and your guests will never get bored that is for sure!

Luxury Accommodations

Some of Greece’s top resorts are in Crete! There are 5 star resorts, luxury villas and all-inclusive hotels with all the comforts you may need. The best part is that they can also be used for your wedding ceremony and reception. 

Caters to All Your Needs

As far as weddings go, there is not a single theme that can’t be done on Crete. It doesn’t matter whether you want a luxury resort wedding, an eco-friendly vineyard wedding, a bohemian beach wedding or even an elegant villa wedding, everything is possible on this island! There is a little bit of something for everyone- and of course as mentioned above the backdrop will always be perfect no matter what you choose to do.