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Life is so full of surprises with various opportunities to express yourself in a way that is truly unique and rewarding! Knowing that, we always strive to communicate and present our ideas to you through an artistic and professional approach. 

Looking back to the past and deeply realizing our roots is what makes us stable enough to withhold and present unforgettable wedding occasions no matter the circumstances given. It’s such an honor for us when a couple opens their hearts and minds to our team and allows us to be a part of such a special day! That only gives us tremendous inspiration and strength to always work for the best and continue with our heads held high and full of innovative ideas with a touch of tradition and a whole lot of heart!


What a Wedding Planner Does

(and why you need us!)

Picture this: You just got that ring and you’re so excited to jump right in to planning your big day. Eyes sparkling, wine poured, candles lit and you sit down to start browsing ideas- so sure that everything will just click in place. Best place to start? Pinterest no doubt! You type “wedding ideas,” click on an image you like- oh but you like that one too! But you also like this one…and maybe that one instead and yet none of them match and they’re all good and oh no! Why are there so many dress styles and fabrics? And flowers? But you like them all! And colors? Must you pick? Oy vey where’s that wine? 

And that’s how the never ending rabbit hole of wedding planning starts. Sound familiar? Fortunately, wedding planners exist to make the whole process so much easier – and a lot more fun! Even if you have an idea of what you want your wedding to be like, we still are an asset that you most definitely need in order to have the best possible result- especially when it comes to destination weddings. 


Getting Ready for your Wedding

with a Boudoir Shoot

In the time of Covid where micro weddings and elopements are more popular than ever, one thing that many brides have had to sacrifice is their “getting ready” pictures. You know the ones- sipping on champagne with the bridal party, getting your makeup done while in your silk robe and so on. These are all wonderful memories that every bride gets to cherish for years to come, all those moments with her best friends having some “girl time” before the wedding. But times have changed and with them so must we. 

A great alternative to those getting ready photos is to have a boudoir shoot. Boudoir photography is a sensual and tasteful way to celebrate your femininity and to pose with your lingerie and wedding robes with a luxurious background. Not to mention it is empowering and will help you see your own beauty and sexiness. It also makes an amazing gift for your partner that you can keep for all the years to come.


Micro weddings:

Here to Stay

“Micro wedding” is a term that is trending right now in the wedding industry thanks to all the Covid restrictions. What exactly is a micro wedding you ask? Essentially it has all the elements of a traditional wedding without the large guest count! In a micro wedding you usually have no more than 25 guests and therein lies the beauty of this type of celebration.

A micro wedding strips your guest list to the most intimate and closest friends and family. That means that you get to spend your special day with the most important people in your life, people that you know definitely want to be there to celebrate you and your love.