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Micro weddings: Here to Stay


“Micro wedding” is a term that is trending right now in the wedding industry thanks to all the Covid restrictions. What exactly is a micro wedding you ask? Essentially it has all the elements of a traditional wedding without the large guest count! In a micro wedding you usually have no more than 25 guests and therein lies the beauty of this type of celebration. 

A micro wedding strips your guest list to the most intimate and closest friends and family.
That means that you get to spend your special day with the most important people in your life, people that you know definitely want to be there to celebrate you and your love.  

With a micro wedding you get more bang for your buck.
Since there are less guests you are able to add more fun, exciting and even elaborate events to your wedding weekend.  Your budget can go to a lavish celebration at a cliffside luxury villa or you can choose to have a boat celebration instead. You can splurge on a 7 course meal from a private chef if you wish to do so or go all out with your florals and create a secret garden in your venue. 

Just because there are fewer guests, that in no way means you have to sacrifice in design and quality.
On the contrary, you are now freer to focus on exactly that! A luxury micro wedding means you get the best of the best: top photographers and videographers, luxury lighting, linens, bar catering and gastronomy. You can rent the furniture, tableware and have the most opulent flowers without worrying too much about the price! 

Micro weddings give you more freedom for your wedding and that is why we believe they are here to stay- especially when it comes to destination weddings!